How to Tell if it’s a Dental Emergency

Keeping up to date with regular dental checkups and cleanings is the best way to avoid preventable dental problems and maintain a mouthful of strong, healthy teeth for life. Regular visits to your dentist in Sherwood Park are the best way to identify small problems that are easily corrected before they develop into larger problems requiring more invasive treatments.

Any dental issue is worthy of making an appointment to see your dentist. However, sometimes issues come up in between your regularly scheduled visits, and it’s important to assess whether these issues classify as an emergency.

Same day dental emergency care

If you’re unsure whether your problem can wait until Monday morning when you can get in touch with your dental office, keep reading. We’ll help you determine if you need immediate, same day emergency care.
Here are some signs of a dental emergency
Swollen gums: Mouth infections and tooth abscesses are very common, and swelling in the gums and face are one of the most common signs and symptoms. The longer infections are left, the worse they become, and the greater of a threat they are to your overall health. If your face and/or gums are swollen, see a dentist as soon as you’re able.
Loose adult tooth: Adult’s teeth should not be loose. If yours are, seek help.
Intense pain: If you are experiencing severe pain and bleeding anywhere in your mouth, it’s time to seek emergency help.
Tooth loss: If you’ve had an injury that’s resulted in the loss of a tooth, you need help, and soon. The quicker you can access emergency dental care, the less likely you are to experience permanent damage, so reach out to an emergency dentist right away. This applies to both adults and children.

Here are some examples of common dental emergencies
• Injuries that result in chipped or broken teeth
• Having a tooth knocked out
• Injuries that result in loose adult teeth
• A severely bitten tongue or lip
• Aching teeth
• Loss of a crown or filling
• Broken orthodontics (braces, retainers, dentures)

If you are in severe pain, your mouth or gums are swollen, you’ve seriously injured one or more teeth, or you’re experiencing bleeding from your mouth, you need immediate care.
If you’re suffering from a dental emergency, call the team at Vitavio Family Dental Clinic in Sherwood Park. We’ll make sure you’re seen right away, and we’ll work with you to provide the gentlest, most responsive treatment plan possible.


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